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Physcian's Recomendation

I have known Dorothy McCoy for about 15 yeas. I am a family physician in Walterboro, South Carolina and because we are a rural community we have limited access to mental health services. Dr. McCoy was our "go to" psychotherapist for the ten or so years she was working here. She was the psychotherapist that I referred to whenever I needed one of my patients to receive mental health counseling. We are a smal area, but I assure you that she did not provide anything less than excellent care. She was able to use various counseling techniques such as cognitive and behavioral therapies. She tailored her therapies to what my patients needed. Not only did my patients love her, they got better. and that , for me, was the true test of her abilities. She did not shy away from the tough cases. She handled PTSD and extreme grief with caring professionalism. She was so good that I was devastated when she left us. Given her talents and knowledge, thought, I couldn't fault her for wanting to grow beyond our small town.

In summary, I consider Dr. Dorothy McCoy to be an excellent psychotherapist, counselor and friend. I have absolutely no reservation about offering my highest recommendation for her.

Dr. Curtis Stokes

Walterboro Family Practice

Walterboro, S.C. 29488

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